Change your sleep. Change your life.

Introducing The Circadia Sleep System. Sleep tracking, analysis, and therapy all-in-one.

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Here's to a healthy life.

Improve your sleep

Fall asleep faster naturally and wake up refreshed. 

Boost your energy

Say goodbye to morning blues and get in the zone.

Beat your jetlag

Adjust your body clock before during or after your journey. 

Lift your mood

Feel happy even when it's dark and gloomy outside.

Sleep & Work Better Using NASA Inspired Technology.

Contactless Sleep Monitor, Therapy Lamp and Speaker. All-in-One. Shipping Summer 2018.

The Sleep System
  • Wireless & Contactless Sensing

    Monitor your body vitals and sleep behavior with sleep lab accuracy. The power of a sleep lab in your home.

  • 2-Person Tracking

    Use 1 device to track you and your partner at the same time. Tracking has never been this convenient.

  • Adaptive Body Clock Analysis

    Proprietary algorithms track and predict your body clock. Find and sync your body time with social time.

  • Personalised Therapy

    Automatically receive personalised therapy programs based around adjusting your mind, body and behavior.

Circadia Stories.

We've tested our therapy lamp and contactless sleep monitor features with hundreds of users. Here's what they're saying about Circadia.

"Circadia is the solution I have been looking for because not only is the sleep tracking  contactless, the light therapy feature actually aims to do something about helping me improve my sleep. I am super excited."

"The light therapy was nice to keep me awake and alert in the mornings where I would otherwise be extremely tired."

"Thank you for the hope. I have a sleep condition. Circadia provides me insights and answers and is the start point of solving my sleep problem. It makes life easier for me. Thank you for the hope. I needed something." 

"I slept very well during the week of my light therapy. It was so easy to get to sleep. Before bed I would actually be tired. It was great!"

"The therapy lamp feature made me feel more alert in the time that I was exposed to it and there was a noticeable improvement in my wakefulness during the day. I think it's a great product!"

"When I moved to London from Spain two years ago for work. I experience a dip in my mood and energy during the winter months. Circadia totally helps me and I love the body clock modelling feature, as it tells me exactly when to use it and for how long unlike my previous light box." 

Developed by leading scientists.

Professor Russell Foster is Chief Sleep Officer at Circadia. Russell is a pioneer in the field of sleep, light and circadian neuroscience. He is also Head of the Circadian Neuroscience Institute at the University of Oxford. 

Your Sleep Coach.

The Circadia Sleep Coach App uses artificial intelligence to analyse and predict changes to your sleep, body clock and room environment. It then uses this data to automatically create personalised therapy programmes based on light, sound, and mindfulness.