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to good mornings.

NASA inspired technology on your bedside table.

Fall Asleep Faster Fall Asleep Faster

Boost Daytime Energy Boost Daytime Energy

Wake-Up Refreshed Wake-Up Refreshed

Beat Jet Lag Beat Jet Lag

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Circadia Therapy Lamp
Morning Energy Boost


Wake-up feeling refreshed

    Just 20 minutes of blue light exposure can help reduce your morning fatigue. 

    Simple to use. Scientifically proven to work. 

    Feel that burst of energy you need in the mornings to help kickstart your day!

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Morning Energy Boost
Fall Asleep Faster

Circadia Mobile App FALL ASLEEP FASTER

Boost Daytime Energy


Wake-Up Refreshed

Circadia Mobile App WAKE-UP REFRESHED

Beat Jet Lag

Circadia Mobile App BEAT JET LAG

Trusted by Sleep Experts

Doctor Russel Foster Circadia
Professor Russell Foster

Professor of Circadian Neuroscience, Sleep Researcher SCNi Institute, Oxford University

Russell Foster is a British professor of Circadian Neuroscience. Foster’s research spans to basic and applied circadian and photoreceptor biology, in which he discovered non-rod, non-cone ocular photoreceptors. 

Professor Adrian Williams Circadia Therapy Lamp
Professor Adrian Williams

Sleep Clinician, Researcher & Professor at King’s College London

Professor Adrian Williams is a consultant in sleep and respiratory physician. He has developed a comprehensive sleep service (10,000 patients per year and over 1,200 polysomnographic sleep studies).

Dr Sara Nowakowski

Sleep Psychologist & Assistant Professor at UTMB

Dr. Sara Nowakowski is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in Behavioural Sleep Medicine based at Stanford University and The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.

Circadia In The Press

Nasa Spinoff Circadia Therapy Lamp
Nasa Spinoff

Bringing NASA Technology Down to Earth

“Many factors contribute to sleeplessness, but researchers are finding that a major one is light exposure. Not just the amount of light, but the color of the light.”

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Top Tech Start-Ups

Pleased to announced that Circadia Sleep has been selected as a TechCrunch Top Pick for Disrupt 2018 in San Francisco!

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Circadia Goal to Solve Sleep Tech

"Solving sleep has been a big focus in wearable tech in 2017,  and our top pick of  startups was Circadia, which wants to really help you improve your sleep."

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Digital Trends

Your Sleep Is Our Priority

"Your beauty rest is of the utmost importance and health tech company Circadia is doing everything it can to ensure that you stay beautiful." 

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Financial Times

Interest Is On The Rise

Financial Times commended Circadia's successful recruitment of backers (900) and pledges ($180,000) from their crowdfunding campaign.  

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BBC News

Circadia's Uniqueness to Other Sleep-Tech Products

Circadia is unique due to its wireless features and add-on Smart Therapy Lamp designed to "tune" users' body clocks.

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What Our Users Say

Sara M.

School Teacher and Mother of Two

"The sleep tracking is contactless and the light therapy feature actually does something to improve my sleep."

Haseeb A.

College Student

"The light therapy kept me awake in the mornings where I would otherwise be very tired."

Lucy R.

Hypersomnia sufferer for over 5 years

"Circadia provides me answers and is the start point of solving my sleep problem. It makes life easier for me."

Alicia L.

College Student

"I slept very well during the week of my light therapy. It was so easy to get to sleep. It was great!"

John P.


"The therapy lamp feature made me feel more alert during the day. I think it's a great product!"

Maria D.

Financial Consultant

"I love the body clock modelling feature as it tells me how long to use it unlike my previous light box."