Respiratory Monitoring for COVID-19

Contactless remote patient monitoring helps reduce clinical workload and enables early detection of respiratory complications. 

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Introducing, the Circadia C100 Contactless Monitoring System™ to transform respiratory care using Contactless Sensing, Clinic Software, and Artificial Intelligence.

Rx only (USA). Pending FDA-clearance for respiratory monitoring, under expedited review. 

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AI-Powered Patient Monitoring

  • The C100 Contactless Monitoring ™ Platform

    Our clinical support tools to monitor and manage patients with respiratory-related conditions in-hospital and at-home to reduce risk, readmissions, and cost while increasing revenue and improving patient outcomes.

  • Contactless Monitoring Device

    Hassle-free non-contact and non-invasive monitoring from up to 8-feet away using state-of-the-art sensing technology and proprietary signal extraction technology.

  • Early-detection to prevent adverse events

    Rapid clinical decision support alerts with customizable thresholds to prevent alert fatigue. 

  • Medical-grade accuracy

    97% respiratory rate monitoring accuracy against the gold-standard chest belt. 

Reducing the risk & cost of respiratory-related hospitalizations and complications

Readmission Rates

COPD exacerbations, Sepsis, Pneumonia

ICU Admissions

Respiratory Compromise and Acute Respiratory Distress

Mortality Rates

Post-operative respiratory complications

Failure to Rescue

Spot-checking with inaccurate and inconsistent measurements

Continuous monitoring to support the continuum of care

Designed to be rapidly installed in both acute care (general care floors), sub-acute care (skilled nursing and long-term care), and at-home. We believe in data-driven prevention, monitoring, and management of chronic respiratory care by augmenting clinicians with AI-powered insights.
For Healthcare Facilities

Data as a Service model to provide continuous and economic monitoring solutions in Hospitals, Skilled Nursing, and Long-Term Care.

For Remote Patient Monitoring

Data as a Service model reimbursable up to $123 per patient per month by CMS under CPT 99453, 99454, 99457, 99458, and 99091. 

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