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The Sleep System

The Sleep System

The Sleep System


Pre-order now. Shipping before October 2018.


The world's first and most advanced sleep system. The Circadia Sleep System features a contactless sleep monitor, therapy lamp and speaker all-in-one. Using data from your sleep the system automatically creates a personalized therapy program based on light, sound and behavioural exercises. 


Evidence based technology designed to help you fall asleep faster, wake-up refreshed and boost your daytime mood and energy.



- Contactless and Wireless Vitals Monitor

- Powered by Artificial Intelligence 

- Track and resync your Body Clock (Circadian Rhythm) 

- Track and analyze your Sleep Behavior

- Biological LED Lighting inspired by NASA 

- Stereo Speakers 

- Sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Sound

- Connectivity: Wi-Fi and BLE 4.0 

- Compatible: Alexa, NEST, Spotify



1 x Circadia Smart Therapy Lamp 

1 x Mains Power Adaptor 

1 x Magnetic Table Stand or Magnetic Wall Mount

1 x iOS or Android Mobile App


Developed in London by a team of designers, scientists, engineers from Imperial College London, University of Oxford and Harvard Medical School. 


The All in One Intelligent Sleep System

Contactless Sleep Monitor, Therapy Lamp and Speaker.

  • Morning

    30 mins of exposure reduces sleep inertia, suppresses melatonin and beat your grogginess. Circadia uses your sleep data to identify your ideal therapeutic time window using artificial intelligence.

  • Evening

    30 mins of use before bed time allows your body to release melatonin naturally. Circadia winds your body down and prepares you for sleep by combining light therapy with mindfulness.

Technical specifications

  • Light Therapy

    High quality, biologically effective LEDs allow the device to provide the right wavelength of light at the right intensity. Syncing you to your ideal body clock. 

  • Contactless Body Vitals Sensor

    Monitor your body vitals such as heart rate, respiration rate and your body movement without the need to wear or attach anything to your bed or body. 

  • Speakers

    4-Watt Stereo Speakers for playing your favorite wake up sounds and relaxation music helping you wake up refreshed and fall asleep naturally. 

  • Environmental Sensors

    Temperature, humidity and sound detection allows you to understand what affects your sleep and how you can optimise your bedroom environment to improve your sleep quality.