Contactless Sleep Tracker

Monthly rental starting at £28 per month

  • State-of-the art bio-motion sensing technology tested against gold-standard PSG

  • Respiratory rate (chest displacement), Variability, Body motion

  • Sleep stages (Wake, Light, Deep, R.E.M) and AASM Sleep Metrics

  • Circadian Rhythm Profile, Sleep-Wake Regularity, Alignment

  • Bedroom environment: Light (R,G,B,W) & Sound (dB)

  • Wi-Fi streaming to the cloud. Compatible with iOS and Android.


Virtual Sleep Coaching

Free coaching via Telehealth from our Sleep Genius Team

  • Personalised digital behavioural coaching based on gold-standard Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia.

  • 1 x Monthly 15-minute call with your dedicated Sleep Genius

  • Weekly sleep insight reports to track progress

  • Personalised behavioural exercises based on biofeedback

  • Detailed sleep health assessments with problem area definition and goal setting

  • Additional pay-as-you-go sessions with clinical psychologists