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Remote Patient
Monitoring Has Arrived

And it can help you gain time, rather than wasting it

Modern Remote Patient Monitoring systems allow new work flows to turn into measurable reimbursement streams. This trend is set to continue as payers, practitioners and patients see the many benefits of remotely monitoring physiological metrics.

Providers have been reimbursed more than $100 million for non face-to-face care of Medicare beneficiaries since 2015.

Everybody Benefits

Physicians deliver care to more patients to a higher standard of quality

As avoidable office visits are eliminated, physicians gain back time which they can spend with those patients who require more of their attention.

Patients take greater ownership of their own health

Patients are at ease, safe in the knowledge that their data is accessible to their health care team round-the-clock. They are motivated to take ownership of their health, and collect data before scheduling a visit.

Cost burden on the healthcare system decreases

Current trends indicate payment models are shifting from fee-for-service to value-based-care; Remote Patient Monitoring can provide practices the infrastructure through which they improve population health while saving physicians time.

Four steps to succeed with your

Remote Patient Monitoring program


Track the necessary clinical indicators using trusted, widely-adopted devices


Only use state-of-the-art, easy to use software


Track overall program metrics in alignment with your organization’s strategic objectives


Conform with all relevant Remote Patient Monitoring billing requirements