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Initial setup and change of Wi-Fi network

  • Connect your Tracker to power using the included adapter.

  • Press and hold the button on the back of the Tracker for at least 6 seconds. The device will light up blue and you will hear a welcome sound.

  • Leave the Circadia Track app, go to your phone settings, and open Wi-Fi settings. Your Tracker has created a temporary Wi-Fi network, called ‘CIRCADIA_xxxx’. Connect to this network.

  • Return to the Circadia Track app. Now select your home Wi-Fi network to connect your tracker to. Enter your home WiFi password.

  • If you’ve entered your Wi-Fi credentials correctly, your Tracker will restart, and succesfuly connect to your Wi-Fi (signified by all lights being turned off). Your Circadia Tracker is connected and ready to start tracking your sleep!

Sleep tracking

  • Place the Tracker on your bedside table, level with your mattress, at an arm’s length distance away from you. Make sure the device is pointed towards your chest, and there are no electronic devices directly next to or in front of the Tracker.

  • If you sleep with a bed partner, you should place your Tracker on your side of the bed. Having a bed partner might cause disturbances in your data.

  • Ready to go to bed? Press START from the app Track screen to start tracking. You can also start tracking by pressing the button on the back of the device once. Once you start tracking, your device will briefly light up purple

  • Once you get out of bed in the morning, make sure to stop tracking by pressing STOP in the app Track screen, or by pressing the device button. Your device will briefly light up purple. You will now be able to view your data. Make sure to fill out the daily questionnaire as well!

Understanding your tracker LED signalling

  • Blue light ring with sound: Tracker plugged to power and turned on.

  • Pulsating blue light: Tracker in config mode, a temporary Wi-Fi network titled Circadia_xxxx exists.

  • Single blue LED circling: Tracker trying to connect to the Wi-Fi for the first time.

  • Single yellow LED circling: Tracker trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network that was already successfully connected before.

  • Slowly progressing purple light around the Tracker: New Tracker firmware is being downloaded.

  • Red light ring: Firmware download failed, will automatically reattempt until it's successful. Usually happens if the Wi-Fi connection is unstable.

  • Purple LED ring in clockwise or anti-clockwise pattern: Device received START or STOP sleep session signal.

Understanding the tracker states inside app

You can find your current Tracker state by opening your app and going into 'Connect' tab

  • Paired: Tracker received your Wi-Fi configuration and will try to connect to the provided Wi-Fi network every time it is pwoered on.

  • Online: Tracker is connected to the network. You can start and stop your sleep session.