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Dear backers,

as you all noticed this update is coming after unusually long time and we want to address everything that has been happening in the past couple of months.

First thing first, we are very much still alive and not looking to ‘scam’ anyone. All parts of Circadia platform are currently being worked on and we aim to bring you everything that was originally promised.

It is a learning experience for us, and while Kickstarter is providing this amazing platform for new ideas, it does not fully prepare you for the amount of work that is necessary to bring said idea to life. Please accept our heartfelt apology for our communication blunders. We fully agree that our communication was very lackluster, especially with regards to the update announcements, and we will try to rectify these issues in the future. But then again, you guys are most likely pretty sick of our promises at this point so let’s get straight to the interesting bits.

Update overview:

  • Lamp-only backers
  • Updated shipping date for other backers
  • iOS companion app public beta testing
  • Industrial design updates
  • Manufacturing
  • Team adventures
  • Closing statement

Lamp-only backers

Every single backer who pledged for Lamp-only should have received theirs by now. Anyone who backed Lamp-only and did not receive theirs, please email us at hello@circadia.io with the subject: ”LAMP-ONLY - No lamp received” with KS id and address in the body of the email. We will be in touch to resolve this ASAP.

  • The Therapy Lamp upgrade orders will start shipping 15th January.

Updated shipping date

One of the main things that we learned while developing the technology is that you can never plan based on the raw time that is required to finish each task. Especially when we talk about developing hardware, even a simple task like supplying our manufacturer with parts can take more than a week due to parts getting stuck at customs (we were told it’s due to trade war, but let’s not point fingers).

The good news is we have finished our T2 batch and are working on appropriate certification and testing before committing to next T3 batch after which we will be shipping to you guys directly. With the current look and status of the tracker, we should be able to manufacture this T3 batch in late January.
Based on this, we are planning to ship as following:

  • Sleep Tracker Only Orders will go first - shipping starts 15th February
  • Combo Orders will go next - shipping starts 15th March

iOS app public beta testing

Good news for those of you with iPhones, we released a beta version of our sleep coaching app. This companion app provides exercises and tips on how to improve your sleep habits. We value your feedback but please keep in mind that it is still in beta and some bugs are expected. Android version will be coming soon.

Grab the app for free from the app store: http://bit.ly/CircadiaHealth

Industrial design update

We listened to your complaints after we decided to merge tracker and therapy lamp into a single device and we abandoned the idea soon after its announcement. To allow more flexibility for our backers (like taking the lamp to work, without moving your tracker), we kept the original split design. This way, if you backed the therapy lamp + tracker combo you will receive two completely separate devices. We wanted to clarify this again, as some of our previous announcements might not have been as clear.


The lamp underwent some big transformations since its inception and we are very happy about how it turned out. The new design is more lamp-like while providing all the same benefits. It is also available to order on our website, so if you feel like you need an additional lamp, feel free to order one or two.

Some of you are already familiar with the new design, as you have already received the therapy lamp. For all the others, here is the sneak peek of the packaging and a few freshly manufactured lamps.

Lamp box

Lamp unboxing

Lamps from the factory

Lamp in use


Tracker expanded

The tracker is by far the most interesting part of our system and rightly so. We have been working tirelessly to bring you a clinical grade measuring device in the comfort of your home. Apart from the electronics inside, we want to bring you a device that is stylish and will fit into any modern bedroom. That is why we decided to come up with a colour alternative to the previously presented white. The tracker will now also come in black as pictured on our factory prototype pictures below. You will be able to select your colour of choice in the survey for the tracker shipping.

Factory prototype black


Let’s talk about what has been done and what still needs to be done before you will start tracking your sleep. Manufacturing has picked up on speed even more than before as our manufacturer himself invested into Circadia. This makes our quality control much more robust, as the manufacturer himself is interested in the success of the product.

Manufacturer investing in Circadia

T1 batch

We started by creating a new injection tooling for our tracker body, which is manufactured from ABS plastics.

Tracker tooling

With tooling finished, we started prototyping with various finishes and colours. Our first black prototype in the T1 batch had a more glossy finish. Sadly, this led to complications with the signalling LEDs that were very difficult to see.

T1 batch tracker with a glossy finish

T2 batch

By learning from the shortcomings of T1, we manufactured T2 batch, subsequently solving the LED issues. T2 batch had a rubberised matte finish. You can see both colour alternatives in the pictures below:

T2 batch trackers, black and white


In order to legally sell electronic devices on the market, we have to comply with corresponding regulations for each country. To add more good news, our device has already passed all the preliminary EMC tests for FCC and CE certifications, meaning our device electronics is ready and there are no more hardware changes necessary.

FCC and CE marks

T3 batch

As we finish the last set of certifications, we can start manufacturing our last pre-shipping batch. The T3 batch is aimed at testing the large-scale manufacture and ironing out any problems that might arise before shipping.

We developed a proprietary Flashing tool aimed at automatizing the process of configuring our trackers as well as publishing fault logs for each device directly on the factory floor. It is a simple GUI, that can be operated by anyone. All the values are pre-filled and in standard operation, the tester needs to only press the green button.

Circadia factory flashing tool

The wifi configuration flashing allows devices to connect to the factory WI-FI router directly, without pairing it with a smartphone beforehand. Tracker testing will automatically test if all components on the PCB are responsive. After flashing and testing are complete, an exhaustive report of all tested components is automatically pushed to our database. This way, we can precisely track the issues with our manufacture procedures, down to a specific board.

Team adventures

One of the reasons we were not very on time with our updates (though we do not want to present this as an excuse) is that putting out a complete update usually takes considerable time, which we prefer to use on development instead. Since the last update, the team at Circadia took part in a few exhibitions and made meaningful partners for the future.

TechCrunch Disrupt 2018

If you have been following our social media, you might already know that we were selected as one of the TC Top Picks for this year. For more information and to see our CEO explain more about Circadia please follow the link: https://techcrunch.com/video/circadia-personalized-sleep-coach-and-hardware-sensor/

Our booth at TC Disrupt 2018

Notable invitations and partnerships

Since our last update, we have been invited to pitch at various companies, securing additional contacts in the industry. We have pitched at Apple and have been invited to Arsenal FC. Lastly, we established a partnership with one of the biggest hospital bed manufacturers, Linet.

Apple visit

Visiting Arsenal FC

Meeting with the CEO of Linet, Mr Zbynek Frolik

Closing statement

Once again, we would like to apologize for the lack of clarity from our side. We will try our best to at least touch bases every month from now on, showing our process more incrementally than before.

One of our ideas on how to improve our relationship is to hold monthly QA session over Google Hangouts directly with you, our backers. There, we could give you an update on our progress each month with the addition of answering any questions you might have. Putting together a thorough update is taking a lot of our current bandwidth and while we will try our best, clarifying everything in a monthly call might prove to be a good idea.

Let us know what you think and feel free to indicate your preference in the doodle poll below: https://doodle.com/poll/hpextw6sxr8msp94

If you feel like reading more about sleep, check out our blog at https://medium.com/circadia-sleep

Lastly, we would like to wish you the very best from our team at Circadia, enjoy Christmas and we will see you all in the new year.

Happy holidays from team Circadia!

As always, sleep tight!

-- Team Circadia